Jason Burks

Jason Burks is a writer from Atlanta, GA who moved to the Bay Area to attend UC Berkeley in the mid-2000s. After graduating with a BA in English Literature, Jason worked for Small Press Distribution and, while there, fell in love with contemporary poetry. He wrote zines and sold them throughout the US as he wandered from SF to Portland, Seattle, Asheville, New York City, Juneau, and Oaxaca. Always pulled back to SF as a place of rest and realignment, Jason has been a bartender in the Castro off and on for five years. With the help of a scholarship from EFFTA and the Anne Waldman Fellowship, Jason is going to attend Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado this fall. He will be pursuing an MFA in writing and poetics from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics.

Andrew Danielsen

Andrew Danielsen. I grew up in rural south eastern Pennsylvania. The landscapes of Pennsylvania as well as my family helped to mold who I am today. My love for the creative and the natural has been present since the beginning, but as i grew older those two interests grew into my two life hobbies. Living in rural Pennsylvania I was able to develop a deep appreciation for the land and the plants and animals. I pursued many different environmental avenues throughout my schooling, which led me to experience many things such as becoming a skilled gardener/landscaper, seed saver, environmental activist, plant identifier, tree grower, wild food harvester, and wildcrafter. All of these skills led me to an environmental degree at The University of Vermont. After college this environmental direction culminated with an internship at a wilderness school (The Roots School) in northern Vermont, and then volunteer farmed in Peru and Bolivia for three and a half months.

My interest in the creative world goes hand in hand with my interest in the natural world. The natural world inspires me and gives me a sense of aw which i try to convey in my artwork. My art progressed and flourished before college to the point where my talent was recognized several times by my school district. I was apart of a diverse array of creative projects, from mural creation, to set design, landscape design, illustration, painting, sculpture, and private commissions. With many works of art under my belt, several awards, 2 years of advanced placement art and a solid portfolio i was poised to go to art school. I decided to pick up my art again on my own after college, so i could focus more on my environmental interests.

After my trip to South America I began to move back toward the arts. I started making wild crafted art and paintings, and began showing my work in Vermont and Pennsylvania. I made the move out to San Francisco in the fall of 2010 and began to dive into the world of artist commissions. This new direction I am headed in now is more of a push to make my own art, become recognized, and to develop my skill and my style. I was recently accepted into the Artist Guild of San Francisco and am just about ready to begin showing with them.

Dorian Katz

Dorian Katz is a visual artist working primarily in drawing, installation and bookmaking. Animal and human characters populating her art stem from historical milieus and conflate queer histories, invented narratives and scientific data on animal sexuality and gender behavior.

Dorian has had solo exhibitions at Jon Sims Center, Glama-Rama and MicroClimate Project Space. Her art and writing have been published in numerous places including Salome in Modernity, Morbid Curiosity, Almanac and her self-published Animal Sex Coloring Book. She received a San Francisco Foundation award and a Eureka Fellowship nomination. Dorian received an MFA in Art Practice from Stanford University in 2011. She curates exhibitions at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco.

Kevin Seaman

Kevin Seaman is a multimedia artist living in San Francisco, CA. Informed by his theatrical background, his artistic practice fuses DIY and internet meme-based aesthetics with his queer identity and community mindset; resulting in performance, video, and visual art that engages, excites, and amuses audiences. Kevin has performed and screened at venues across the Bay Area and has traveled throughout California and the East Coast as an actor. He was also a founding member of The Living Room, a live/work art collective in South Berkeley. His short film SILENCE=FILTH was presented at FRAMELINE35 and has been featured on various blogs including Joe.My.God, The Bilerico Project, and Towleroad. His persona Dr. Zebrovski has generated nearly 26,000 hits on YouTube and continues to create content for the stage and social media. As an advocate for the queer community, Kevin has led community workshops in grantseeking and collaborative creation for the National Queer Arts Festival as well as bringing the Bay Area queer arts scene to the attention of national funders by co-facilitating Queering the Arts: Aesthetics and Economies at the Grantmakers in the Arts 2011 conference. His work is viewable on his website, SeamanArt.com, as well as his YouTube channel.